[linux-audio-user] capture problems

Joey Reid joe at joeyreid.com
Fri Feb 20 19:22:14 EST 2004

I had to send my Audiophile back because it did not come with the
breakout cable, so while I am waiting for the new card to come I figured
I would experiment with the onboard sound (nforce2) and test the waters
a little. But I am having a problem capturing audio from it.

If I connect an audio source to the line-in, I can hear it playing
through my system. Then I start qjackctl and get jack going. Then in
ardour, I create a track and connect it to the alsa_pcm capture, but
there doesn't appear to be any signal coming in. I have recorded from
other jack clients (Hydrogen) so I think I have that part figured out,
but the capture is not working.

The whole time, I can still hear the audio source through my system.
Should I be hearing this? If I look at the jack connections, there is no
connection between the alsa_pcm capture clients and the alsa_pcm
playback clients. 

Sorry for the noob questions, but I have never tried to capture audio
before. I promise once I get up to speed I will be on the other end
(helping out ;-)

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