[linux-audio-user] suggested Window Manager good for audio?

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Fri Feb 20 22:02:31 EST 2004

>> ...You can have *any* type of file can do *anything* you want it
>>to do just by pressing ENTER on the file in mc. I even have played 
>>multiple audio tracks by pressing ENTER on a ".ecs" file (ecasound text 
>>file that will play all the tracks, effects, volumes and panning listed 
>>in the file).

> That's pretty cool. I should give mc another look, haven't tried it 
> in years.

I forget how I configured it, but I suggest you use the configuration 
that allows for mc to "suspend" (reveals the shell console) until the 
command is finished (exspecially useful for using ecasound in 
"interactive mode" so you can use all the command line controls (fast 
forward, rewind, setposition...). After you quit ecasound (or whatever 
program) mc will return again (or you will see a message in your 
console... "press any key to continue")... And you have mc back.

Also, if you press "F2" in mc, you have a (user configurable) menu of 
commands. The menu items can point to binaries or scripts or you can 
even write a script into the ~/.mc/menu file. I even have a menu item 
that allows for "flite" to "speak" the contents of a text file.
(I have version 1.2 installed)...

Of course, with mc, you can create your own "flite" file extension and 
tell mc to "speak" the text file whenever you press enter on it. I had 
this configuration for a while, but decided that I better get back to 
some more useful projects (got to have fun once in a while) (hehe)...


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