[linux-audio-user] Linux midi players that don't require download of large patch or sample files??

Ruth A. Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Sat Feb 21 07:47:33 EST 2004

Sorry, this is probably a very newbie question, and I haven't lurked
very long or searched the archives (partly because I don't have a good
idea of keywords to search for).

I've used Linux for a few years, but sound isn't normally a concern.  My
son is trying to make the switch from Windows to Linux (and has, for
some things) and now wants to play midi files.

His impression is that, on Windows, sound players use synthesizer's (and
"patches"/"samples") built into the sound card while on Linux those
patches/samples (??) have to be downloaded and he talks about 40 MB
worth of files in some cases.

Maybe the difference is that we also changed computers, and his current
computer has an on-board SiS 7018 sound thingie while his previous
computer (IIRC) had a separate sound card, possibly with something like
the Yamaha OPL xxx on it.

Any light anybody can shed on this would be appreciated.  (I did skim
through a Linux Sound HOWTO (that was actually a little bit more like an
FAQ), and saw some hints, but I really don't know how to interpret

Keywords to use to search the archives or Google, or pointers to simple
documentation that focuses on this subject could also be helpful.

No doubt what ever I learn will end up on a WikiLearn page

Randy Kramer

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