[Jamin] Re: [linux-audio-user] good spectrum analyser

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Feb 21 23:16:20 EST 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-02-21 at 19:09, Jan Depner wrote:
>>Actually it's acting as the front-end to the 1023 band EQ.
> I didn't understand that it was that deep. 20Hz/per average band eh?
> That and a hi-Q would definitely give you a good notch if you needed it.
> Again, these are the feature that I personally think makes a great
> channel strip, but in that task I'll need 8-10 of these things, so
> either the CPU usage has to come doing or my PC needs to go to the gym.

Here I agree. I would love to see the HDEQ be made into a stand alone 
program for inserting into any part of a mix.

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