[linux-audio-user] Some music made with Linux

Pete Bessman ninjadroid at ml1.net
Sun Feb 22 00:26:22 EST 2004

At Sun, 22 Feb 2004 12:42:31 +0900,
Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Nice attitude. While this ethic is understandable it doesn't help 
> progressions very much. 

The progressions of what?  My attitude may be *indirectly* detrimental
to Linux Sampler (which I doubt, because Specimen is the first program
above 500 lines I've ever written; I would just hinder those guys).
It is _not_ detrimental to the Linux Audio Scene, and it is beneficial
to Specimen.  And I daresay that by devoting myself to Specimen I am
improving the LAS, but perhaps I'm an egomaniac.

If what I'm doing does hurt LinuxSampler (yeah, right...), I can't say
I feel any remorse.  If that makes me a jerk in your eyes, so be it.

> Maybe now you've had a couple of days to think 
> rationally about it you have changed your mind anyway.

Apart from Evil Laughter(TM), which I thought was funny, I couldn't
see one thing irrational about my statement.  The gist of it was "It
makes more sense to improve a living project than to have maintainers
of said project contribute to the creation of what is currently a
castle in the sky."  Asking me to pool my efforts with SimSam's author
makes sense to me(until you account for the fact that I don't know QT
and hate C++, hence Specimen), but I don't see why I should drop my
project and work on LinuxSampler.

And if you took offense to my intent to whore their code, remember
that this is a two way street and they can just as easily (and I
encourage it) whore my code.  The absolute number one reason I started
writing Specimen was because I couldn't find anything that did what I
wanted already (and at the time I thought SimSam was dead, plus the
aforementioned reasons for not working on that).  Whatever produces
the best tool for the job is fine by me.  Naturally I want that to be
my tool, and I obviously think it will or else I wouldn't be doing
this, but it's not like my opinion of LinuxSampler is anything but my
honest-to-dog pragmatic evaluation.

And who knows, maybe I'm helping LinuxSampler more by being
pessimistic than by contributing my incompetence?  Perhaps Steve
Harris, upon reading my prior message, launched into a raging ninja
coding fury, adding feature upon feature to LinuxSampler (including a
explode-competition's-head button), until it is poised, ready to
strike and crush all who oppose it.


P.S. Bwahahaha!

P.P.S. Mark: I'm amazed that what I thought was merely an expression
of a negative opinion is considered "going off."  Puh-lease.

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