[linux-audio-user] Some music made with Linux

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sun Feb 22 08:54:48 EST 2004

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Peter already said that he doesn't like QT and he doesn't like C++. 
> That is more then enough reason for Pete to say away from 
> LinuxSampler.

Fair enough. But what he is implementing with specimen could be made 
significantly more powerful and be useful to a larger number of people 
if he did join forces. But that applies to anyone. And maybe Benno or 
someone else on the Linux sampler team will fuse the code for specimen 
themselves seeing as it has most of the basic things they need already 

A useful thing about a gtk2 interface coded with glade-2 is that with a 
simple change of a config option the files will be built in c or c++.

>>Assuming you have some spare time it would not take you very long to add 
>>the calls for each button and place that shell up for one of the main 
>>developers to make some changes to the backend. 
> You are drastically understating the complexity of what you are 
> suggesting Pete should do. 

I saw it happen with jamin and it worked very well.

>>Then you will be 
>>transformed from "man working alone on small project which accomplishes 
>>some new things" to "part of professional team creating new project that 
>>amazes a whole sector of the professional audio world".
> Patrick, please don't take this the wrong way, I'm really not trying
> to be offensive, but you, as someone who doesn't code (please correct 
> me if I'm wrong) it seems a little strange for you to be handing out 
> this advice. Like i said, I wasn't trying to be offensive with that 
> statement. I do know that you make large contributions to documentation, 
> evangelisation and probably also things like bug reporting.

And jackeq, jamin, alsaplayer, the php backend for the alsa-docs...

But I haven't written a lib yet so I'm not a guru.

However Pete has implemented what I consider a very good basis for a 
gtk2 frontend for Linux Sampler.

If I was to start on a front end for linux sampler I would take the 
.glade file from specimen and use that. However if Pete was interested 
then he could extend the backend functionality of specimen by giving it 
the power that Linux sampler makes available.

Eric. As a writer of multiple audio libraries you definitely understand 
the concept of having multiple apps use your code.

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