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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at
Sun Feb 22 12:45:30 EST 2004

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
>  Interesting discussion. I'll bet the apparent differences of opinion 
> would be better handled over a few pints instead of over the wires.
>  It might be a far more valuable discussion if we all agreed upon what 
> we think a software sampler should be doing. I've owned a number of 
> hardware samplers, so I should expect at least the following features in 
> one made entirely of software :
>    Raw sample editing (envelopes, tuning, signal processing)

Do you need this? If it is streamed straight from the hdd then it may be 
more efficient to use ardour or some other sample editor/sequencer which 
has already been written.

>    Full MIDI implementation (responsive to full range controllers, 
> controller mapping, SPMTE/MTC support)

Essential for interacting with midi instruments.

>    Realtime parameter adjustments (filter cutoff frequency, tuning)

Can't muse or rosegarden do this already?

>    Flexible audio output routing (stereo, individual channels a la 
> Hydrogen)

Ls has Jack support. It's fairly simple to add a new jack i/o.

>    Flexible keyboard mapping & layering (velocity zones & switching, 
> overlapping sample layers)

Sounds like an organ players wet dream ;)

I add this

	Trigger any/multiple sample loops via mouse.

As interfacing with Linux sampler is a matter of adding a few ascii 
calls to your app it appears to be a relatively straight forward process 
to add support to any one of the sequencers that are available. What's 
the catch?

I'm trying to figure out the difference here between what 
ardour/muse/rosegarden do now and what Linux sampler is capable of. 
Anyone have more clues?

 From the advertising on the gigasampler site I get the impression that 
the sequencing and recording interfaces are mainly to provide an all in 
one app. Give the consumer something worth spending a large sum of money 
on. Probably also the proprietry market expects it.

BTW I noticed Paul Davis did some work on adding midi tracks to ardour 

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