[linux-audio-user] ANN: Specimen v0.2.1 released

Pete Bessman ninjadroid at ml1.net
Sun Feb 22 18:52:49 EST 2004

I almost wanted to call this 0.3.0, but it's not quite there.  This
release adds a filter with resonance, ADSR volume envelopes,
independent direction and duration play mode configuration, and a
highly optimized resampling routine that easily accomodates 64 note
polyphony on my Athlon 1.33.

www.gazuga.net, as usual, has the latest.

I'm also going to dry and address the gazillion loose ends in that
other thread (I can't keep up with it anymore, so here's a fresh

Patrick: There is no .glade file.  All the UI code was written by
hand, and as I said before, I highly dependent on the patch
infrastructure having a certain interface.

Jan: Coding gui events over ports does not sound like my cup of tea.
That would also be a pain since that is radically different from what
my gui code currently does.

Dave: I agree with all those features, they are on their way.  I just
have to take care of the basics first.

Steve: Nice to able to express a good old fashioned dissonant opinion,
thanks for granting me that slack.

Everybody: Perhaps I should emphasize a few facts:

a) Specimen is a few months old.
b) Specimen is my first real program.
c) Every day I sit down and code, I churn out around 500 to 1000 lines.
d) I intend for Specimen to be a professional quality music maker.

Granted, I haven't written design documents and such about how
Specimen will be professional, but that's mainly because I've been
spending my time working on the actual program.  It won't be more than
a couple more months before the vast majority of features necessary
for making rich music are available.  I also have no experience
with hardware samplers, my old instrument of choice was FruityLoops,
so I'm not thinking in terms of the way Real Samplers work.  I'm
trying to make a tool that makes music with the best possible
tradeoff between flexibility and ease of use, and maximal quality
all around.

OK, I've donned my asbestos armor, let 'er rip.


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