[linux-audio-user] Live Laptop Linux FX processor...

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Mon Feb 23 12:42:09 EST 2004

HAL continues to grow! :)

So I got my Dell Laptop sorted now. I have embellished the setup by
putting it on my CII Docking station which has 2 PCI slots. I had a SB
Live card and bought another. I have them now tied together via
.asoundrc file and running stable as 4 ins 4 outs w/Jack. Can't get
lower than 512 but thats ok.

Still using Ardour as my interface for plugins...

Here's the next question...

I'm thinking about the possibilities. Can I get midi control of plugins
via Ardour or Jack rack or other app so I can use a midi controller
footswitch to turn FX on or off from a footswitch?  My thought is that
other than just reverb on vocals, I could set up vocoder and delay stuff
for harmonies, etc. The midi control needs only to be "on/off" and also
to be able to leave more than one effect on at a time.


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