[linux-audio-user] ANN: Specimen v0.2.1 released

martijn martijn at pacno.net
Tue Feb 24 05:47:19 EST 2004

Once upon a Mon, Feb 23 2004, Pete Bessman hit keys in the following order:
> I don't even know what GUS is, but I can help you with
> the decent samples problem.  Check out:

Shame on you, it's the reason i still have a 486 running :) It's the Gravis
Ultrasound! I think Gravis was the first open source minded soundcard
manufacturer offering all the specs for free download. Alsa was originated from
a GUS driver for linux (the Linux Ultra Sound Project). It was also the first
affordable wavetable soundcard for the PC and has always sounded better then a
$ound Blaster imho. It's a very characteristic chip, the GF1, and it's still a
shame that AMD turned it into the most buggy soundcard ever, with their new and
improved Interwave chip...  that was the last GUS ever made... such a shame :'(


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