[linux-audio-user] qjackctl and the Xrun between brackets ()

Alex Timmer mijn_troep at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 08:15:22 EST 2004


ever since i use qjackctl i wonder what is the difference between the
reported Xrun count and the count between brackets ().

i.e. on its homepage http://qjackctl.sourceforge.net/ you can see a
screenshot where the Xruns are reported as 1(2). now, how many Xruns
have really occurred? 1? 2?

i usually have no Xruns, but sometimes 0(1) and this is reported in the
messages window, so i come to believe this is real(?)

can someone please epxlain me the secret of qjackctl's Xrun reporting.
thx, ALEX

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