[linux-audio-user] 1U' music PCs

hanaghan at starband.net hanaghan at starband.net
Tue Feb 24 12:39:52 EST 2004

> Steve Harris wrote:
>> http://www.coyoterd.com/musican.htm
>> Runs Windows ME (yuk!) out of the box, but I'm guessing you could
>> rebuild it into a linux box.
>> - Steve

Win ME "Crash-proofed" ?????   Hahahahahahahahahaha   a bright spot in an
otherwise grey day!! :}

> We use a lot (like a 1000?) of these sort of server boxes for our Gaming
>  business. http://www.homelanfed.com  A few comments:
> 1) Usually these servers are pretty deep cases and would stick way out
> of the back of a normal rack full of studio equipment. This one looks
> pretty cool at only 13" deep.
> 2) Be sure on this one that you like the motherboard in the box. It
> doesn't look like a normal PC MB but something considerably smaller. Not
>  sure if you can replace that one very easily.
> 3) In general these cases are meant to go into noisy server rooms, which
>  are made noisy be noisy servers. (Get my point?) Anyway, I don't see
> any  specs on what sort of noise this one produces, but even one of
> those we  have here in the office would drive you nuts in 15 minutes I
> think.  (Even in a closet they are too noisy!)
> I love the idea of a stack af about 8 of these running Linux apps. Oh
> yeah, the HomeLAN guys run a lot of Linux servers....
> Mark

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