[linux-audio-user] 1U" music PCs

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Wed Feb 25 12:55:19 EST 2004

Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Mark Knecht wrote:
>> 2) Be sure on this one that you like the motherboard in the box. It 
>> doesn't look like a normal PC MB but something considerably smaller. 
>> Not sure if you can replace that one very easily.
> Looks like a micro atx mobo. They are standard and what I use in my 
> portable.
> http://www.boosthardware.com/specs/rigs/Rua.html

Sorry. Yes of course it's a standard motherboard. (Or I think it is.)

I was really referring to the idea that if someone bought one fo these 
machines and then had performance problems and wanted to put another MB 
in the box they would find themselves limited by the MBs in that form 
factor. (I.e. - what processor speeds, how much memory, etc.) It's not 
as open as the more standard desktop size in this case.

The deeper 1U case will take the standard bigger MB with the 
disadvantage of being deeper. You can also get either a 2U or 3U rack 
mount case that will take a standard larger MB (I forget what that MB is 
called) and you can do water cooling in 2U and 3U so the machine is fine 
for a studio but not so portable.

Lots of options!

- Mark

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