[linux-audio-user] Question, not quite linux related

Tracey Anne Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Thu Feb 26 23:22:59 EST 2004

Hi everyone.

I know there are quite a few people here who do music, and this is a question about a piece of equipment.  I'm asking here because I feel much more comfortable asking here.

My question is:  If you could afford a Roland MC-909 would you buy one?

Christy and I were at the local guitar center and there was a 909 there that someone was "playing" in real time.  It was quite the instrument for doing techno type jamming.  Christy played with it a little and really got into it, and got "that gleam in her eyes".  After we came home I looked it up on the net, and found a few good reviews.  The 909 is at a good discount also.  

I guess my only problem is how well will this thing work with linux as far as it's fastest way to load samples(via usb).  I kind of doubt that it will, which would make loading samples a little harder, but not impossible.  It seems like a great sequencer, that would fit in real well with the rest of the equipment we have around.  It would also free up the linux music machine to better do recording, special effects, and synthisis.

Anyway, has anyone had any experience with the Roland MC-909,  and what is your opinion?

Please feel free to email me if you would like (but please put [linux-audio-user] in the subject line so it doesn't fall into the spam box).

Thanks in advance, Tracey.

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