[linux-audio-user] midi issue and Event EZBus letter

rossen rossen at protein.osaka-u.ac.jp
Fri Feb 27 11:15:34 EST 2004

Kent, Gary wrote:

>	Sorry for the general-ness of this message, but I have hooked up
>my Motu USB MIDI Express XT (thanks to Clemens) to my Linux Planet CCRMA
>box and it is being seen with everything falling in nicely; and I have
>the ability to make the connections in Jack.  I make them and use a Nord
>Lead II as my main controller, but I cannot get Muse or Specimen or
>anything MIDI related to see Midi events.  I see the signal coming Out
>of my Midi XT interface, but something is not seen in the applications.
>In Muse I register my Midi interface ok, but actually pressing a key and
>getting anything is a mystery.  Could anyone give me some ideas on this
>thank you for any help given,
>p.s.--I wrote Event Electronics a short email (see below) regarding a
>possible driver for their EZBus mixer/controller unit (a fantastic piece
>of hardware). Hope I represented the Linux community ok on this.  Bash
>me if I am off on what I wrote :)
>	I bought an EZBus a couple of years back and I have had a lot of
>success with it, considering it to be one of the best purchases I have
>ever made.  I use it every day and have no regrets.  Also, technical
>support with you guys has always been really great, maybe the best I
>have ever experienced (could you guys give MOTU some lessons?  ;)
>	But, two issues that I think are a real drag about the EZBus:
>	1)if a person wants to setup the EZBus for an OSX rig, then the
>Mix Librarian and Midi Editor for assigning CC's and faders requires a
>Windows PC!  I just don't get this.  
>	2)Not to push the issue, but if you would make a stable driver
>out of the goodness of your heart and issue it to the Linux community,
>then follow up with an announcement on the Linux Audio Development/Users
>mailing list, you would pick up a ton of business.  You wouldn't even
>have to give official support to the Linux users, but a driver for them
>would swing lots of business your way.  A free driver to this community
>doesn't hurt your company because no one can duplicate the hardware.
>This is the reason why I WILL purchase an RME or an M-Audio soundcard
>instead of your EZ8 optical card.  I referred a friend of mine to your
>EZ8 card and he bought one, but he is a Windows user.  Needless to say
>he has been happy with it, but I am amazed that yet another manufacturer
>can't seem to see that the Linux community is untapped.  Most
>manufacturers just seem to see the dread of writing a Linux driver, but
>can't see that writing one that is tied to a hardware box (like the
>EZBus) is a no lose situation.  Correct me if I'm wrong on this. 
>Ok, I'll get off of my soapbox. I just hate to see a great product
>limited to a few people, in this case, Windows users.  
>Anyone looking for a small format mixer/controller I would refer to your
>product (yours is the product to beat as far as I'm concerned), but the
>above two issues indicate to me that you guys just aren't looking ahead.
>Hope I haven't been too harsh, thanks for good product that you are
>making :)
very nice, Gary ! maybe we should get into the habit of
sending mails to the manifacturers.
we can even make a template out of your mail :)
("pls,substitute "EZ8" with "myCard" and click "Send".....")

-- rossen

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