[linux-audio-user] Planet/Fedora/Nvidia Problem

rossen rossen at protein.osaka-u.ac.jp
Fri Feb 27 12:09:06 EST 2004

>But, if I had to boot the standard kernel, is there a way I could
>install the NVidia drivers from there?  How do I tell them to compile
>against the lowlat CCRMA kernel?  How do I tell them to install to
>the appropriate place?  It doesn't seem like this would be terribly
>difficult.  I just don't know what parameters/environment variables
>to change.
from the nvidia documentation :
 Since the Linux kernel does not support a binary driver interface, we
    provide for rebuilding these files on the target machine (or 
    and then linking with the binary version of the NV kernel driver.

        $ make

    This will produce one of the following files depending on the system
    include directory used to do the build:

        NVdriver:      which is the installable kernel driver module for
                       single processor Linux systems

    If you want to build NVdriver for a system other than the compiling
    system, then you'll need to run the make as:

        $ make SYSINCLUDE=/src/kern/my-smp-kernel/include

    to generate an NVdriver that will work on the kernel whose include
    files are in /src/kern/my-smp-kernel/include.  This kernel must
    have been completely configured (make menuconfig dep).

i hope this helps

-- rossen

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