[linux-audio-user] Planet/Fedora/Nvidia Problem

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Feb 27 13:26:48 EST 2004

> This question is really more related to installing drivers to a
> "non-booted" kernel.
> My computer has an ASUS MB.  The video (non-integrated) and network
> require the nforce drivers from NVidia.  I had manually installed
> some audio tools including a lowlat kernel under RedHat 9.  But I
> decided to install Fedora Core 1 and use Planet CCRMA.  
> So I installed the CCRMA kernel and source.  I didn't expect the
> network or graphics to work when I booted the new kernel b/c I'd need
> to install the NVidia drivers again under the new kernel.  But when
> Fedora got to the "graphic" portion of the bootup, the screen went
> blank.  I thought I'd just switch to VC1 and install from a text
> logon, but I was never able to switch to VC1.

Probably because it is not yet in multiuser mode. 

You could try to boot into single user mode. At the grub prompt select
the kernel you want to boot into and type "e" (edit), go to the kernel
boot line and type "e" again. Go to the end of the line, erase the last
entry (can't remember the spelling but that is what starts the graphical
boot) and replace it with "single" (without the '"''s). Press "b" to
boot. You should eventually get a root prompt and you can then install
the drivers...

-- Fernando

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