[linux-audio-user] Planet/Fedora/Nvidia Problem

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Fri Feb 27 13:48:46 EST 2004

Greg Reddin wrote:

>This question is really more related to installing drivers to a
>"non-booted" kernel.
>My computer has an ASUS MB.  The video (non-integrated) and network
>require the nforce drivers from NVidia.  I had manually installed
>some audio tools including a lowlat kernel under RedHat 9.  But I
>decided to install Fedora Core 1 and use Planet CCRMA.  
>So I installed the CCRMA kernel and source.  I didn't expect the
>network or graphics to work when I booted the new kernel b/c I'd need
>to install the NVidia drivers again under the new kernel.  But when
>Fedora got to the "graphic" portion of the bootup, the screen went
>blank.  I thought I'd just switch to VC1 and install from a text
>logon, but I was never able to switch to VC1.  Now, in hindsight, I
>think I didn't quite wait long enough for the system to boot up so
>I'll try again tonight.  I was in a hurry and had to get to work this
>But, if I had to boot the standard kernel, is there a way I could
>install the NVidia drivers from there?  How do I tell them to compile
>against the lowlat CCRMA kernel?  How do I tell them to install to
>the appropriate place?  It doesn't seem like this would be terribly
>difficult.  I just don't know what parameters/environment variables
>to change.
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Regarding your graphics problem, I'd suggest you to either boot the old 
kernel, and just change the driver that its being loaded in XF86Config, 
either to "nv" or VESA; or just edit the file /etc/inttab (you may do so 
in with the older kernel or from a rescue console) and change the run 
level to which the computer will boot (run level 5 is the X Window 
Syste, 3 is just VC with networking). That's done in this line:


Change the 5 for a 3 and reboot with your new kernel, install your 
drivers, and once you have X running smoothly (by issuing the init 5 
command), you may revert to runlevel 5 in inttab.

Hope this helps.

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