[linux-audio-user] running jack as non-root?

Hasse Hagen Johansen hhj at musikcheck.dk
Fri Feb 27 14:32:47 EST 2004

>>>>> "Hasse" == Hasse Hagen Johansen <hhj at musikcheck.dk> writes:

Thanks for the tip about givertcap. I actually had seen that..now I
think I will try it ;-)

Would it be possible to use the ACL/EA
infrastructure in combination with patches for ACL/EA for reiserfs
(like Suse is doing). Would that allow me to set capabilities as root
on an executable for a specific user...then I could set the realtime


    Hasse> Hi Now googled around without results. The question is

    Hasse> what is the recommended way to run jack and jack aware
    Hasse> applications as a non root user. I saw something about
    Hasse> capabilites at ccrma, but I cannot se how it is done (I
    Hasse> know it is in the 2.4 kernels).

    Hasse> I am running Gentoo with reiserfs, so I hope it doesn't
    Hasse> depend on using ext2/3 extended attributes...any
    Hasse> recommendations?

    Hasse> Best Regards

    Hasse> Hasse

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