[linux-audio-user] some more 'made with Linux' music

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Feb 28 05:37:16 EST 2004

On Friday 27 February 2004 19:51, LinuxMedia wrote:
> daniel at mondodesigno.com wrote:
> > Recorded with Audacity by me, mixed with Ardour and mastered with
> > Jamin by Ron Parker. I know it's got plenty of mistakes in, but we're
> > getting better!
> Hey, good (all around) recording... Just one question... When you say
> "Recorded with Audacity by me, mixed with Ardour and mastered with
> Jamin", are you saying that you recorded the actual tracks in some
> program/hardware (other) than Ardour and just used Ardour to mix them?
> I'm hoping this was a "linux only" recording. It's something that you
> can be proud of as far as show people what one can do with a linux audio
> studio.

You are using audacity without linux? I have all the mentioned apps installed 
on my gentoo-box, compiled from source, so they are definitly free-apps...

But I believe the microphones where not linux ;-)

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