[linux-audio-user] drum loops, samples,

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 29 02:32:34 EST 2004


While testing my new system configuration tonight Bob
Josland, the drummer for my band, and I produced some
Ardour drum sessions.

The print quality is good enough for samples. The
playing is Budweiser influenced and marginal for loops
unless someone is willing to do some editing.

If anyone is interested, I have alot of Ardour drum
sessions that can be licensed appropriately and
released. I have no time to study licensing so all
suggestions would be appreciated, i.e. License Green
because it enables commercial use, etc.

I can't invest any time editing the sessions for
multitrack loop libraries or samples. I'd prefer to
find one or two people that are willing to do the
editing, categorizing, etc. It's concievable that I
could release many styles, time signatures, tempos and
mixes. I can't make any promises though because time
is always a challange.

ron-bob07.mp3 is eight tracks; kick, snare, hat,
rack-R, rack-L, floor, over-L, over-R. Aside from
panning and reverb (lexicon) on the snare there's
almost no mixing. The lexicon is the source of noise
in the mix, the multitrack prints have no appreciable
noise. The ring in the snare could be obtrusive
depending on the song. The style is raggae or beergae
at 125bpm. There are enough parts in this six minute
piece to construct verses, choruses, intro, outro,
bridges, etc. 

If DNS is fubar substitue for the
domain name.

Oh, the old Rocket Network crew has a new project for
music collaboration. We might be able to work
something out with them if we start building
libraries. I can't afford to serve. Or maybe someone
will have a better suggestion if there's a need.


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