[linux-audio-user] MIDI + Audio

cv223 at comcast.net cv223 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 29 22:22:08 EST 2004

Thanks, I'll give 0.6.3 a try.

Anyone else have problems/successes with Rosegarden4 0.9.6 and audio recording?  This would help me determine whether my problem has something to do with my build, system configuration, or what.

> Hi,
> >
> > 1) MusE 0.6.2: Audio input seems to work (audio mixer in MusE shows
> > signal), but there is no sound when MIDI plays back.  I've turned up every
> > fader I can find and still no MIDI output.  The little "jumping bars" on
> > each MIDI track indicate that _something_ should be happening.  I don't get
> > sound from the built-in softsynths, either. I must be missing something
> > simple! A mute button? A master gain control?? The fluidsynth MIDI part of
> > the signal chain seems fine, because of 2), below. I was previously working
> > with MusE 0.6.0, which gave MIDI output after a bit of fussing - maybe I
> > should go back to it?
> I think this is due to an "optimization" (talk about optimization) bug that 
> has been fixed/reverted for muse 0.6.3, which is the newest.
> MusE 0.6.0 does have much worse audio capabilities so you would probably have 
> more success with 0.6.3.
> /Robert

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