[linux-audio-user] plugging a bass guitar in a linux box

Them idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Thu Jul 1 10:13:19 EDT 2004

caffeine wrote:

> I have a bass I'd like to plug in my Debian box. I know lots of people
> do it routinely with guitar, but I'm worried about the possible side
> effects on my hardware. I know that using a bass on a guitar amp would
> blow the thing off, but I don't know if it's just the guitar amp speaker
> which is not suited for such frequencies or if it's the electronic which
> suffer.
>>From what I understand, the "line in" soundcard input shouldn't have any
> problem dealing with the bass input, but problems might arise with the
> output (ATM this would be my stereo). I don't know enough about sound
> processing to be sure my assumptions are right.

Lots of basses are recorded direct-in to a mixer (I do it myself that 
way, rather than trying to mike an amp).  Does it have active 
electronics in it?  That could be a potential issue...

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