[linux-audio-user] Re: AIFF files batch-slicing

Christian Frisson theremin at free.fr
Sat Jul 3 12:17:05 EDT 2004


Let's get more clear: I want to turn the MIS database into multisampled
instruments. More than 700 files containing at most one full octave. The idea is
that the piece of software I'm considering should help the people from the
University of Iowa to slice the files quickly that would then be made available
as is, be granted their permission. The only remaining files to store elsewhere
(or not) would be patches, as a XML-based LinuxSampler format is on its way.

Malcolm Baldridge wrote:
> Do you really mean PERFECT silence?  If so, that's a fairly trivial program
> to write.

Sure. For the first step, I don't wanna waste the files, then only
zero-amplitude samples should be erased. The cross-platform and ease of use
considerations are another deal...

> If you use Erik de Castro Lopo's libsndfile
> <http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/>, then you can be completely freed
> from having to worry about 99% of the "system specific" stuff in the
> program.  libsndfile will handle it correctly for you.

What's better between having the user compile a program or install one? As I
don't have a Mac around, I fear it may be easier to install a program that is
already trusted to work on these machines than to write one.

Rick Taylor wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that each platform has a program that's capable.

I hope one single will match all the three platforms. That's why I've been
thinking of scientific software which is more programming-oriented than audio


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