[linux-audio-user] Jamin

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Jul 7 08:09:57 EDT 2004

OK, I tried this (version from Debian Sid).

This app must be fed by something else. Would be much better if it could read 
pcm files directly! So I set it to input from Xmms-biojack and output to 
alsa. I then disconnected the "biojack" from alsa so as to only play through 
Jamin. Jamin will kick out fairly often so takes a bit to get it ready to 

Non-real time: Slows down the play!
Real time: Plays highly distorted. Could not really try anything with this.

I am running on a PIII clocked to 575mhz with 512m RAM. Running Debian Sid, 
2.6.7 kernel. I put in the realtime-lms to enable real time.

Am I missing anything or am I simply asking too much of this system.

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