[linux-audio-user] Freeverb (packaged with CMT) and Ardour beta17.1 UPDATE!

Malcolm Baldridge linux-audio at paypc.com
Wed Jul 7 21:14:02 EDT 2004

> Hmmm...well, me thinks I'm up against someone elses problem as I install
> RPMS. This package was from a MDK 10.0 Contrib server.

I never liked RPMs.

> It's an Athalon XP +2500 (Barton). 

You're fine.  You have SSE support.

> I sure hope thats not the problem.

It's not.  It's a compiler problem.

> Can't I just use some "bug Spray" ?  :/

Yes, it goes by the name of "Eschew bloated distros with bizarre binary
distribution formats."

Doh.  I'm nearing deadly flamewar zones here. :)


A focus on Quality.

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