[linux-audio-user] Thanks for help with Mandrake packages

ejbjr ejbjr at themusenashville.com
Sun Jul 25 03:20:29 EDT 2004

Thanks for the help.  Apparently 'urpmi' is the real tool under 
'rpmdrake' (the avoid-the-evil-command-line Mandrake GUI for package 
installation).  Boy, wouldn't it be nice if we had a search engine that 
could take a description of what we want to do, and suggest a list of 
possibly interesting manual pages, html links, PDF documents, etc.  I've 
sometimes spent days with Yahoo/Google scanning thousands of irrelavent 
pages to find the info I want.  I've gotten a lot more useful info about 
linux in general on this mailing list by accident than I have 
searching.  Unfortunately, I have limited time to deal with email lists.
Maybe we need a search engine like Yahoo, which only finds linux-related 
documentation pages (I know I'm dreaming).

e. j. branagan
The MUSE - Nashville, TN

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