[linux-audio-user] Synchronization part 2 - MIDI

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Fri Jun 4 03:37:46 EDT 2004


On Friday 04 June 2004 07.23, Florin Andrei wrote:
> Ok, DAW/sequencer sync has been discussed.
> But how about sequencer/sequencer?
> Case in point:
> I'd like to use Rosegarden or Muse as a sequencer for the solo parts, or
> for anything that has long sequences that do not repeat too much.
> But i'd like to use Seq24 for the small repetitive loops, because it's
> such an ideal tool for that.

Heh, I'd think you where overdoing it ;) But there might be reasons I'm not 
aware of.
Actually, it would be interesting to know. 

A try at understanding: Seq24 is pattern based, right? Would you construct 
just one pattern that would repeat for the whole song? Or perhaps it's ease 
with creating slight alterations your after?

Not that I think that any of those  are a problem with MusE, I do it all the 
time. Just create a part that is of a given length, copy it and create 
alterations as you see fit. MusE also supports a part type called clone which 
means that one unique part can be placed at several places. Edit one of them 
and all of them are affected, this would simulate a repetitive track avoiding 
the drawbacks of needing several parts.

Trying to sync two sequencers seems like a lot of work for a simple thing.
> How do i ensure that the sequencers stay in sync? I mean, both in terms
> of beats / minute and in terms of synchronized operation
> (start/stop/record).

It would require that Seq24 talk one of the syncronization protocols, 
preferably jack transport. It would work with MMC and such also, atleast with 
MusE (or rather, it has worked, don't know about the current status).


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