[linux-audio-user] JACK of two Cards

Jos Laake jos at radiks.net
Sat Jun 5 04:39:23 EDT 2004

Too funny!  i smiled deeply inside my mouth. ;-)  But really, I'm
trying to be way less complicated than this...

Russell Hanaghan wrote:
> I have asked, just as you too are asking for a "dream come true!" Cheapo
> cards for multiple IO's...

Multiple I/O, yes...

> But alas...this is not to be!  You can get both cards working in tandem
> (of sorts) with the right ".asoundrc" file but they will not stay in
> sync.

That doesn't really matter.  Mostly, I don't want to run my piano
through my mixer cuz it buzzes a bit and I get much better recording
if I run it directly into the input.  And I don't want to keep
switching the 'puter input cables back and forth between the piano
and the finely mixed output of my vocal processor.

Also, most of the recording I do is in snippets.  Bits and pieces
as they come to me.  If I'm multitracking, I'm usually doing one
part at a time anyway, but if I'm just spark-flash composing, It'd
be nice to separate the piano track from the vocal/room ambiance
track.  If there's an xrun, awwww, I'll just have to punch in or
realign or rehearse that part, but at least I'll have the idea captured.

For most of this kind of recording I use TimeMachine with a 3 minute
loop buffer.

> I had 2 identical SBlive 5.1's and prayed constantly and fervently
> to the great God of ALSA whom betrothed to us the .asoundrc miracle.
> For 40 days and 40 nights I fasted...but the "fuzzy wuzzies" in one
> or the other card were NOT to be cast out.

I also had the idea of getting a couple of identical sound cards
and hacking them in hardware, just figuring out a way to handcuff
their clocks together. ;-)  Anybody done such a mad mod yet?

> I was angry...then repentent.
> I returned to use of 1 single cheap crap card....And it was good! 

I don't give up so easily.  i can still use one or the other in the
setup as it is, so half my battle is won as far as separating the
inputs.  I can select them in 'qjackctl' and restart JACK and that
seems to work.  But now I'm down to one *or* the other, so that doesn't
solve the loop recording of snippets issue.

so, yeah, I think I understand the limitations pretty much.  I'd
still like to try this for my own twisted reasons.  So that request
for help with the ".asoundrc miracle" is still on the table.  I'd be
happy if I can just select between them in JACK.

Okay, back to my head-banging....

<Thump, thump, thUMP...klunK!...        ow...>


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