[linux-audio-user] Audio CD track marks

wes schreiner wes at infosink.com
Sat Jun 5 04:56:35 EDT 2004

Robert Epprecht wrote:

>I have a long .wav file which I want to burn on CD. I want to set some
>marks so that one can jump to certain points in the file during playback.
>Something like a live recording with different pieces of music. I do not
>want these 'track marks' to be audible (no pause between the numbers).
>How do I do this?
>Robert Epprecht
Gcdmaster will let you do this easily.  It give you a GUI for building a 
toc (Table of Contents) file.  In turn, the toc file and your wav file 
are fed to cdrdao to burn the CD.


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