[linux-audio-user] Re: Audio CD track marks

Robert Epprecht epprecht at solnet.ch
Sun Jun 6 14:50:26 EDT 2004

I wrote:

>> I have a long .wav file which I want to burn on CD. I want to set some
>> marks so that one can jump to certain points in the file during
>> playback.

"Thomas Charbonnel" <thomas at undata.org> writes:

> Rezound (http://rezound.sf.net) lets you do this (position track markers
> and burn a cd from the app using cdrdao as backend, selecting gap times
> etc...). One of the drawbacks is that rezound in not particularly
> optimized to deal with large files, and the process of loading the file
> can be a little long.

Oh nice to have another possibility to do the same job :)

I have already done the first CD with gcdmaster and then cdrdao,
but I have more to do and will try Rezound for the next one.

Thank you for the suggestion.
Robert Epprecht

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