[linux-audio-user] determining source of latency (system info included)

Nick Salamander sandroban at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 18:47:23 EDT 2004

honestly, it seems somewhat transient.  sometimes i
hear weird things, other times not.

but in gnome-alsamixer i set line up, capture down,
and ADC up.

i did also try switching between a 2.6 smp kernel and
the mm smp kernel also.  the multimedia one
performed worse, for some reason.

--- LinuxMedia <linuxmedia4 at netscape.net> wrote:
>  >> >>> often when i speak into the microphone, what
>  >> >>> comes out of the speakers sounds like it has
>  >> >>> a crazy chorus effect on it.
> > i was finally able to get the correct settings
> using
> > gnome's alsamixer.  
> > 
> > unfortunately, i'm still experiencing latency
> > problems.
> Just to expand my base of understanding, could you
> tell me what you did 
> to correct the situation?
> Thanks,
> Rocco

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