[linux-audio-user] producing a drum sample library for hydrogen

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 18:14:26 EDT 2004

Hi Jesse,

--- Jesse Chappell <jesse at essej.net> wrote:
> R Parker wrote on Fri, 11-Jun-2004:
>  > I have been discussing the design of a drum
> sample
>  > library for Hydrogen with Comix (Hydrogen
> author),
>  > Bill Bailey (my studio partner and a drummer) and
>  > Bobby Josland (drummer). I don't think any of us
> has
>  > experience with designing a high quality sample
>  > library. We've got some questions and hope to get
>  > feedback in the form of "this is my experience"
> and "I
>  > don't know but imagine...."
> What licensing scheme are you looking at?

We'd like to follow in the traditions of Bill Gates
and Steve Jobs. Ah, really, really just kidding. :)

Comix has asked for an appropriately licensed sample
library for Hydrogen. He and I have discussed both our
interests. Neither of us wants to restrict anyone's
right to produce and freely distribute derivitive
products in the form of songs or audio tracks of
whatever type.

However, I don't have any motivation to allow for
profit enterpizes to include the library with their
for sale products. Well, not without written
permission which very well might have to be purchased.

I also can't see any reason to allow anyone to modify
and redistribute the library without written

I have no reasons to restrict any other Open Source
License project from including the unmodified library
for distribution with their product.

Please do hammer on these concerns. We definitely want
to get the licensing right.

Ultimately, my motivation is just an act of gratitude
to this community.

  Is the
> idea for this
> to become the new default acoustic set for H2,

It's intended to be the new default set for H2.


> something to be
> purchased?  Freely modifiable and redistributable or
> not?
> Looking forward to it....
> jlc

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