[linux-audio-user] perfect pitch application

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Fri Jun 18 21:52:36 EDT 2004

> Anyone knows an application (for Linux) that
 > can take the sound of a single instrument (or
 > voice, or anything that's simple - not complex
> sounds) as an input, and transform it into notes
 > (or a MIDI file)?
> Essentially, it's what a musician with perfect pitch does - upon hearing
> a melody, start playing it on an instrument.
> Or, if you wish, the reverse of a softsynth: from WAV to MIDI.

If I understand what you're asking for, then I know I've seen exactly 
this. I most likely saw it at...

I remember it saying that you can (for instance) sing into a mic and the 
notes would be imputted into a midi file.

I wish I could point you to something more definate. I hope this helps.


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