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Sat Jun 19 11:03:56 EDT 2004

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  Re: producing a drum sample library for hydrogen

I can easily tell the difference, as can many, between 16- and 24-bit
samples, but not equally for all instruments, of course.  I highly, highly
recommend using 24-bit samples for any widely used library, especially 
given the amount of processing that most of us do.  I myself also use 
96,000 samples/second because I always do quite a bit of processing, but 
that's a lot tougher sell for a library.


Someone said that 44,100 samples/second is a quirk.  It's not merely a 
quirk.  44,100 = 2^2 * 3^2 * 5^2 * 7^2 which has some useful properties
compared to 48,000 = 2^7 * 3 * 5^3.  Lots of small primes that differ is
sometimes better than a bunch of powers of two, despite the advantage
primarily associated with FFT's that some focus on.  Looked at from a
prime number standpoint (therefore certain types of algorithms), 
48,000 is truly bizarre compared to 44,100.  96,000 is yet ANOTHER power
of two on top of 48,000!  Whether a particular sample rate is a good one 
or not is dependent upon more than just what is customary and standard.

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