[linux-audio-user] Re: producing a drum sample library for hydrogen

RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Sat Jun 19 22:44:58 EDT 2004

On 19-Jun-2004 anahata wrote:
}  On Sat, Jun 19, 2004 at 02:12:59AM -0400, Lee Revell wrote:
} > Well, 48khz has been the standard in professional digital audio since
} > day one, for a reason I would think.  44.1 is an oddball, a quirk of the
} > CD format.
}  The 44.1kHz standard is linked to TV video scan frequencies, which I
}  think may be a legacy from Sony's early digital audio using based on
}  video cassettes.

 :} 48 is linked to dolby digital, surround and dvd video standards... half of
the encoding software I've used will choke on anything else. {No... I don't
really care if there's software that will let me import lesser rates.}

 I don't "record" ...I compose ...I generate ...I synthesize. The process of
"recording", "processing" and "mastering" is a bit different than the process
of creation. I might limit myself during that process for some "odd reason" but
it makes no sense whatsoever to do so... I'm not into frustration and I'm not
into producing an inferior product. ...All the online arguments, justifications
and rationalizations in the world aren't going to change that. That's like
working in 16 bit graphics files because the human eye can't see any more than
yadda yadda number of colors... I might optimize the final graphic but I'm not
about to place arbitrary limits during processing... It's just dumb.

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