[linux-audio-user] Problem: Audigy Platinum Pro and MIDI (some better details)

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Sun Jun 20 01:10:51 EDT 2004

Drew Mills wrote:
> Sorry, I left out a few details.  I'm running SUSE 9.1 with ALSA 
> (alsactl says v1.0.3) and the 2.6 kernel.  For this test I do not have 
> JACK running.  I'm just trying to get the Audigy card to play a MIDI file.
> If anyone can provide some insight, I'd appreciate it.  Also, I imagine 
> this is the best forum for discussing problem with Linux Audio.  Does 
> anyone have suggestions for other places where Linux audiophiles hang out?

   alsa has mailing lists (for users and IIRC for developers too), see 
alsa homepage

   did you load the soundfonts? You should have some on the CD that 
comes with the card (I guess there are some soundfonts available 
somewhere on the net as well), I guess audigy needs the soundfonts 
loaded to produce any sound (other creative cards with wavetable synth do).


> Drew Mills wrote:
>> I have my new Audigy Platinum Pro working for wave audio (ogg, mp3, 
>> etc).  But MIDI just won't play.  Here's what I tried and I thought it 
>> should work.
>> drew at linux:~> pmidi -list
>> Port     Client name                       Port name
>> 64:0     Audigy MPU-401 (UART) - Rawmid    Audigy MPU-401 (UART)
>> 64:32    Audigy MPU-401 (UART) - Rawmid    Audigy MPU-401 #2
>> 65:0     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 0
>> 65:1     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 1
>> 65:2     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 2
>> 65:3     Emu10k1 WaveTable                 Emu10k1 Port 3
>> drew at linux:~> pmidi -p 65:0 LetItBe.mid
>> But it hangs right here.  It looks like it might even be trying to 
>> play something.  But nothing comes out.  No matter which port I try, 
>> nothing comes out.  And, yes the volume is up.  On everything!  But I 
>> get absolutely no midi sound.
>> It seems to me that this is the simplest MIDI test I can do.  Nothing 
>> else is running.  Shouldn't this be making some sound?
>> Thanks,
>> Drew

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