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RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Sun Jun 20 17:33:05 EDT 2004

On 20-Jun-2004 tim hall wrote:

}  I don't understand all the ins and outs of this, but surely the sample rate 
}  affects more than just audible pitch. Most people aren't aware of much above
}  16k, however the ear/brain is surely capable of perceiving differences, so a
}  higher sample rate is going to sound smoother in the way that faster film 
}  looks smoother, the ear will perceive curves rather than digital grainyness.
}  Surely the software will 'notice' the difference even more allowing you to 
}  avoid those strange edge of spectrum aliasing effects. My understanding is 
}  limited, so I welcome any further enlightenment on the subject.

 I do know that sometimes after sessions with sound that doesn't sound very loud
at all to me that my ears will be screwed... especially with really high
{silvery? ...It's a bit difficult to come up with a colorful term} frequency

 {Unfortunately I like that sort of thing. {I think I'm going to do full
screen meters on my second machine... I'm serious when I say "screwed"}}

 If you remember Lustmord's albums... lots of folk were concerned that his
super and subsonic stuff was going to cause permanent ear damage. {I remember a
warning to that effect... whether it was on the albums or ads or in reviews I
don't remember.} 

 You know how really high frequency sounds can make you feel really uneasy?
{the squealing tv in the other room? fingernails on chalkboards?} I get the
feeling that we're "hearing" a lot more of the inaudible spectrum than we
generally consider.

 You can certainly feel it if your monitors are big enough and you crank the

 Seriously though... I think processing is where it really matters... Same as
with images... the differences you get when you scale a 256 color graphic and a
truecolor one would probably equate somewhat. {at least, that's what it sounds
like to me.}

}  Myself, I work at 16/48k, because my system is limited, not because I think 
}  it's best. Considering that, up to 2 years ago I was still using cassette 
}  tape, the sound quality I'm experiencing now is a freakin' revelation!

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