[linux-audio-user] A nice PCI audio card for the PC?

Malcolm Baldridge linux-audio at paypc.com
Sun Jun 20 21:38:39 EDT 2004

>  It does have an envy 24 chip in it which is pretty much supported
> otherwise... It's probably a gamble unless you want to go with OSS.
>  I'm sure someone else knows more about it...

That URL just gives me a "cannot find that in your language" error, but if 
it refers to the Audiophile 2496, then the Linux-Audio members have been 
completely unanimous in their recommendation.

The cards specs look awesome and even more than I need, but I know how such 
things go... it's always in the details.

Such a thundering rush of similar recommendations from all quarters 
certainly clears the way to my decision.  I appreciate it.

Incidentally, I notice that Germany seems to be the centre of electronic 
music devices/hardware of late.

In just the past week, I've spent alot of time perusing the following sites:


and now m-audio.  Here's to German audio excellence!  Those cold winters 
drive you indoors to tinker with great machines and perfect them, I 
guess. :)

I grew up listening to German Electronica from the likes of Edgar Froese, 
Peter Baumann, and Kraftwerk, et al, before I had the sense of what a 
synthesiser was and such audio production methods in general.

A focus on Quality.

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