[linux-audio-user] XMMS problem

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Wed Jun 23 05:10:58 EDT 2004

There are two ways of playing CDs. 

The first one is to use the CD drive as a CD player. This way, the drive
will read and play the audio data thus converting the music/whatever to an
analog or digital signal (depending on your drive). When using this, you
have to have your cd drive connected to your soundcard/motherboard/whatever,
or use a headphone jack in the front of the drive. Also, you have to have
your soundcard mixer settings correct, so that it will mix the CD input

The other, and much better way, is to use the CD drive to read the audio
data off the CD and use a soundcard to create the signal. You get better
quality because as you might guess, your 1010LT has better DACs than your CD
drive. This also works without connecting your CD drive and soundcard.

In XMMS this is selected by looking into:
 Preferences->Audio I/O Plugins->AudioCD Reader->Output->Output mode

Here you can select either "Read Digital CD Audio", or "Play Audio CD Directly".


Quoting Joseph Dell'Orfano <fullgo at dellorfano.net>:

> Probably a stupid oversight on my part, but I am having trouble
> listening to audio CDs. I have the jack plugin enabled on xmms and with
> jack running, I get no audio from xmms when playing a cd from either one
> of my drives (/mnt/cdrom or /mnt/cdrom1). xmms plays .wav files with no
> problem through the jack plugin. Any ideas? 
> In case you were wondering, all else (including ardour, jack, etc) works
> fine on my machine. It is fedora core 1 with low latency kernel patches
> and a delta 1010LT card. DAW stuff works great as do my video apps. Just
> discovered this CD problem when trying to test a cd that I just burned.
> Thanks,
> -Joe Dell'Orfano

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