[linux-audio-user] Linux soundapps site updated

Martin Habets errandir_news at mph.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Jun 28 13:04:32 EDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 09:14:15AM -0400, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Hi Martin:
>  I'm glad you like the site and find it an enjoyable and useful 
> resource. WRT your questions:
>       ALSA handles *almost* every app based on the now-deprecated 
> OSS/Free API, so generally speaking they're almost all ALSA-compatible. 
> And IIRC Jack supports both ALSA and OSS (correction?). Basically, if 
> you have an up-to-date ALSA system you should have no problems running 
> OSS and Jack apps (assuming you also have Jack installed).

Hmm, I actually meant to that other way around. e.g. Ardour uses jack,
and has a text or GTK gui.
This information would be usefull to narrow down which applications to

Also, ALSA OSS emulation is not completely reliable, as I find out sometimes
on my powerpc. It is difficult to narrow down the exact cause of this, but
I know it is not a libsndfile issue.

>       Designating the GUI is too much detail, though you can see in the 
> listings that I often do indicate required toolkits. I'm just not very 
> thorough about it.
>       API/protocols: see above re: ALSA...
>  If you're relatively new here you might not realize that I've been 
> increasingly dissatisfied with the site design and organization but I 
> have little time to do more than keep it updated. Sorry about that...

Yes, I am aware you are unhappy with things as they are. There have been
a number of people offering to help you with it; maybe you could take one or
two of them up on their offer. I definitely did not mean to imply you should
implement this yourself.

Be assured that the updates you do are very much appreciated!


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