[linux-audio-user] Reading/playing a "copy protected" CD : cdparanoia seems not to help

Allan Wind allanwind at lifeintegrity.com
Mon Jun 28 21:00:49 EDT 2004

On 2004-06-28T18:28:10-0400, Chris Pickett wrote:
> 1) this requires p2p networks to work, which have dubious legal status, 
> depending on your country, whereas it's not illegal to rip CD's at home 
> (barring DMCA nonsense)

I never got that whole deal.

p2p is the best marketing tool that the record companies could have invented
(but didn't).  I bought a lot more CDs when using those services (but slowly
running of artist that I heard and found interesting).

Most places, you cannot even hear what you are buying (no refunds of course).
Or it is standing up or on a wood stool with either cheap scans or awful

Music sales is falling due to high prices (even if that requires illegal acts),
and not exactly for a product with staller artisctic quality (it's the Britney
of the world that sells CDs).  Those popular artists are pushed down your
throad via radio, playing the same songs in an endless loop.  (If you happen to
buy that CD in heavy radio rotiation, you will find that single was the only
decent song on that CD).

I wonder, would it be possible to purchases without indirectly supporting
lawyers that sue teenagers for a living?  No one can really argue about paying
for a service or product, certainly I am happy to directly supports artests
(except Metallica which operate like a record company it seems).

Another thing that really gets me going is that I cannot listen to an
(original) CD (that was I given) on the device of my choice (a
computer).  Yet, full price was paid for an inferior product.  It is
absolutely crazy (this was EMI).  Why don't they sell those bastard CDs
at a fraction of the real product?  They may find happy buyers for both.

Internet radio caught my interested just before it was shot down; too
good an option I guess.

Sorry for the gasoline, but I am interested in if you can buy CDs
without supporting RIAA indirectly.  It would be awesome to see sales
move as a result of customers voting with cash.

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