[linux-audio-user] Copy-Protection of Audio-CDs produced by myself

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Mar 31 12:45:08 EST 2004

Dave Griffiths hat gesagt: // Dave Griffiths wrote:
> While we can get all political and anti DRM - it *would* be
> interesting to know how it worked... 

It works in a way no standard CD burner can work, IIR. It does create
non-standards-compliant CDs with "errors" that *should* only affect CD
drives in computers.  See for example this in-depth doc: 

It does affect several hifi-CD-players as well though, for example
mine. That's one practical reason why I don't buy copy-protected CDs.
Funnily I once *had* to buy a DRM-CD (Paddy McAloon) because there was
no vinly version. It didn't run in my hifi-player, but could be
grabbed with cdparanoia withouth problems and be reburned to audio-CD.
Thank god they didn't do it right.

The major music industry has lost me as a buyer, and I was a decent to
good customer. May they rot...

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