[linux-audio-user] audacity 1.2.1

Juhan Leemet juhan at logicognosis.com
Tue May 11 12:49:41 EDT 2004

>Jack Bowling <jbinpg at shaw.ca> escribió:
>> Anybody successfully compiled the latest Audacity v1.2.1? It breaks
>> spectacularly in the portaudio section for me with all kinds of wxGTK
>> errors. I have the whole wxGTK environment on my box including the devel
>> stuff and I haven't had these errors with previous versions.
>mmm... it's funny, it fails for me too. never had had problem with audacity
>before. i searched the audacity mailing list and nobody complained about
>this, though...

FWIW, I have successfully built audacity-1.2.1 on SuSE 8.2, but I haven't 
tested it yet. All I had to do was adjust some package (dependency) naming, 
since SuSE has different package names. While building, I did notice a 
message about it using portaudio 15 which restricts it to oss, and it said I 
would have to change to use the experimental (?) portaudio 16 to get alsa 
support. I have not done that yet. On my audio machine, I've got an M-Audio 
Audiophile-2496, and I think (?) I'm restricted to using oss (because of 
envy24control?) anyway? I'm a bit unclear on that. I'll play more later (on 
another machine). Just another "data point" for you guys.

Juhan Leemet
Logicognosis, Inc.

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