[linux-audio-user] LJ On-line article re: LAC2004

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Mon May 17 06:19:54 EDT 2004

> > Better than that, the ZKM has a pretty amazing eight-speaker
> > system in the Kubus theatre.
> Is any of the music stuff that was presented (Neuron, then the
> composer's exhibit) available online now?

I understand there were some licensing problems with the broadcast of 
live music from the event.

> > So that's what those eight soundcard outputs are for!
> Heh... RME? M-Audio? ;-)

There is another use for eight analogue outputs if you have an 
analogue desk with 'tape' monitoring. You can hit the 'tape' button 
on each channel and get a comparison of the original signal with the 
post-processed sound. That's why I got an eight-output device, 



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