[linux-audio-user] Timemachine file playback problems

Jos Laake jos at radiks.net
Sun May 23 05:44:37 EDT 2004

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> Sorry, this file is not a WAV file, its a W64 file. W64 is a file format
> which originates with the SoundForge people and allows files bigger than
> 4Gig (the limit of standard WAV files). libsndfile read and writes these
> quite happily. To play the file, use sndfile-play (probably installed
> when you installed libsndfile).
>>When I try to play it with 'alsaplayer' I get this:
>>Audio File Library: '/home/jos/tm-2004-05-13T05:30:06.wav':
> Your copy of alsaplayer seems to be using libaudiofile instead of
> libsndfile. I know alsaplayer does support libsndfile, but your copy
> might not have libsndfile support compiler in.

So I recompiled 'alsaplayer'.  It still works on all the
things it used to work on, and it now loads all the soundfiles
from 'timemachine' and appears to be playing them.  But
what I get is silence.  I don't get it.  Timemachine's little
meter is bouncing away in sync with the input, which implies
that it's getting a signal.  So what I see so far is that one
of three things could be happening:

A) 'timemachine' is not really recording properly but writing
     the file correctly
B) 'timemachine' is recording okay, but not writing the file
C) 'alsaplayer' isn't reading/interpreting the file correctly.

Anybody got any good guesses on what to check next?

Thanks for any input,

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