[linux-audio-user] Yamaha UX-256

Emiliano Grilli emiliano.grilli at poste.it
Wed May 26 06:58:56 EDT 2004

mercoledì, 26 maggio 2004 alle 12:47:16, §t3 ha scritto:
> I only have the usb-midi module, not the snd-usb-midi...

It's called snd-usb-audio, not snd-usb-midi - if you look at what the
demudi live cd loads, you will probably find it with lsmod.
It is part of ALSA driver package, so if you have configured ALSA without
the "--with-cards" switch (which means that all drivers should be
compiled), the module should be there. 

Try "modprobe -r usb-midi && modprobe snd-usb-audio"

Emiliano Grilli
Linux user #209089 

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