[linux-audio-user] Newbie Questions

Chris Share s1922903 at qub.ac.uk
Wed May 26 08:35:03 EDT 2004


I'm new to Linux, although I've been involved with music and computers
for many years, having worked professionally as a musician and sound
engineer, as well as having written some MIDI/audio apps for Mac and PC.
I'm currently starting PhD research in music technology at the Sonic
Arts Research Centre in Belfast.

I thought that now would be as good a time as any to venture into the
world of Linux audio/MIDI, and have just installed SUSE 9.0. 

I'm interested in using Ardour for HD recording, as well as other
synthesis programs such as Csound, jMax and SuperCollider.

My first question is related to setting up my system for low-latency?

I've found Paul Winkler's "Low-Latency 2.4.x with ALSA HOWTO" and was
wondering whether this was the most up-to-date guide to creating a
low-latency system, especially with respect to SUSE 9.0.

My second question concerns audio hardware. Here at the SARC I have
access to a Digi 002r audio/MIDI interface which uses Firewire. I can't
find any information about this interface and was wondering if it was
possible to use it with Linux.


Chris Share

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