[linux-audio-user] suggest a synth

Ryan Gallagher ruinaudio at comcast.net
Thu Nov 4 09:34:03 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 10:05, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Ryan Gallagher wrote:
> >In the US you can get any number of Roland digital/analog synths and
> >modules for under $200
> >
> eBay has many listed.
> >Look for a Roland MKS-50, usually $100 or so, of course to get all the
> >knobs you'll need a midi slider/knob box that sends midi, or if you're
> >lucky one of the original controllers that came with.
> >
> I owned an MKS 70 that was one of the finest hardware synthesizers I've 
> heard. Very easy to program, if you have the PG 800 controller box.
> Synth alone can be found in the $300 range, synth + box is a seller's 
> deal, the box is hard to find.

The pevey pc1600x is a 16 slider box that sends sysex and is very nice,
though kinda pricey and doesn't completely replace the function of the
pg controllers (though the advantage of the pc1600x is that it can be
used with any midi capable software or hardware).

> >For around $800 you can get the king of midi/analogs (imho) the roland mks-80
> >
> Current bid on eBay is $500US.

That is an amazing deal, it's an amazing FAT sounding analog (sometimes
I miss mine).

> Btw, I've seen Yamaha's TG77 selling for between $100/200 dollars. Not 
> what I'd call an easy synth, but it has a unique architecture (advanced 
> FM + advanced wave sampling)  for some amazing sounds.

Many of the yamaha FM (and FM plus something weird) modules can be had
for very cheap.  The TX-802 is awesome, basically an DX7 II, 8-part
multi-timbral.  The TX-81Z is also a cheap neat synth, uses waveforms
other than simple sine, can make crazy sounds.

> Best,
> dp

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