[linux-audio-user] success/failures with M Audio / Edirol Firewire cards ?

Olivier Kaloudoff kalou at kalou.net
Mon Nov 8 11:22:24 EST 2004

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Mark Knecht wrote:

> As of today I believe that you cannot run any 1394 audio device under
> Alsa. There are no released drivers for any of these sort of units.
> A while back Steve Harris indicated that there was some work underway
> to support these but I've heard nothing since. I might be willing to
> pick one up and be a beta tester if there is a real effort to make
> these work.
> Sorry for such news. I hope someone pops up and indicates I'm wrong
> because it would e good news for laptop users.

Hi Mark,

 	thank you for the quick answer. Indeed, looking for alsa and 
firewire, I found "FreeBob", the open source project to have Bebob under

 	Some previous posts made me think that the specs were all open,
but the freebob developpers probably did not managed to get them all due 
to an NDA.

 	As I really really want to use advanced sound hardware with my
Linux Laptop, would you know if there is a project like "Linuxant" or
ndiswrapper, that would allow people to use the Winblows driver under 
linux ? (I'm doing this already for my Wifi broadcom based pcmcia card)



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